1. Reasons & Eligible Requests:

If you would like to return an item, you shall notify CICI at OR follow our Return Instruction here as soon as you decide to request a return and the return process must be fully exercised within 30 days from the from the date of the order being delivered to you (as shown in your original order’s tracking details) to the date that we receive your Returning Item(s) at our Fulfillment Center. We are gladly to proceed with your return requests for the following reasons:

  • An item Doesn’t Fit Your Body (1)
  • You received an Incorrect Item (2); Faulty Item (3); Damaged Parcel (4)
  • Or you encounter Others (please specify) (5)

As long as an item is still in its original condition, and your return requests shall be subject to the rules below, which includes rules about fairness and none of these rules affect your statutory rights.

  • We accept only one return per order; and return to our designated addresses stated in the return request approval email.
  • Certain products are non-returnable (Sales items shown with crossed-out original price; Customized items; Made-to-Order items; Pre-Order item, Accessories; Gift items; Gift Cards)   
  • We highly recommend you to provide us with an unboxing video; or with photos of all items as It helps us to best review your return request.
  • Submit your return request within 5 days from the date of  the order being delivered to you (as shown in your order’s tracking details). After these 5 days, we will have to reject your request to prevent any breach of our policy and ensure fair use
  • For Return Requests of (1), If your request is approved, kindly send it with any carrier of your choice and be responsible for the charge OR contact us and pay for a scheduled pick-up. Please note that you shall provide us with tracking details of your returning parcel within 3 days from the date of Approval if you would like to send it as you prefer. Otherwise we might need to revise your request again and it might no longer be valid.
  • For Return Requests of (2); (3), we are sorry that it had taken sometimes but you received an Incorrect Item / Faulty Item, kindly follow our Return Instruction, we will expedit with a replacement while you send back the Incorrect Item by arranging scheduled pick-up for the Incorrect Item / Faulty Item; and issue a refund (in accordance with our Refund Policy) when we receive your returning item(s) and implement a Quality Control at our Fulfillment Center.
  • If you encounter (4); (5), please contact us at for best support.
2. Original Condition
  • Returning items with original tags attached.
  • Returning Items are not damaged; actually worn; washed; or in an unsuitable condition (stained or uncleanable dirt, etc.)

Hygiene and our customers’ safety are super important, so all items are inspected upon its arrival on return.

Certain items cannot be returned (Sales items shown with crossed-out original price; Customized items; Gift items; Gift Cards) or would be rejected if they are not in their original condition, we will not approve your return request or require your payment for re-send shipping fee and none of this affects your statutory rights.

3. Responsibility

Please make sure that your Returning Items are packed up properly as all returned items should be sent in their original condition and packaging where possible to avoid damage or loss on the way!

For security reasons we are unable to accept hand carried returns to our distribution Center. If you chose to send your Returning Item(s) with any carrier of your choice, the parcel remains in your responsibility until it arrives and is registered at our designated warehouse, ensure that you get proof of postage in case you need to contact us about your returns and it helps us to expedite the process. 

For scheduled pick-up, we will provide you with a return label within 3 working days, please kindly print it out, attach it with your returning parcel and hand it to the courier. If the scheduled pick-up was missed or the courier did not contact you, kindly contact us at to quickly arrange another one.

We are not responsible for any items that are returned to us by mistake (it happens!). If we are able to locate the items (it's not always possible) and you'd like these returned to you, we may ask you to cover the delivery cost.

*Please be aware that all unidentified returning Item(s) will be at CICI’s disposal after 30 days from the date of returning arrival*

4. Fair use

If we notice an unusual pattern or returns activity that doesn't comply with our Return Policy or returning item(s) are different from the original return requests or the items returned don't match what you had ordered, then we might have to decline your parcel

*Please be aware that all unidentified returning Item(s) will be at CICI’s disposal after 30 days from the date of returning arrival*

Under circumstances, we might have to deactivate your account and any associated accounts to prevent repeat unrightful actions and ensure fairness among our customers

*If this happens to you and you think that the action was taken without your awareness or a mistake, please get in touch with Customer Service at and we will be happy to discuss it with you.*

5. Back to Sender / Returned to Sender

Under certain circumstances, your order is undelivered and sent Back/Returned to Sender; due to the following reasons:

  • Cannot contact recipient
  • Incorrect recipient information
  • Unpaid Import Duties & Customs
  • Refused Delivery

Most of the time, we will try our best to work this out with you and provide you with the most appropriate support that complies with our Policy. Depending on each particular case, you might have to pay for a resend shipping fee and/or Import Duties & Customs. We will contact you once we are notified about the above issue and provide you with relevant instruction.

*Please be aware that all Back to Sender / Returned to Sender Items will be at CICI’s disposal after 30 days from the date of returning arrival*